Annual Report

The membership of the Cresson Volunteer Fire Company is pleased to provide this report to you as an interested party to our organization. By publishing an annual report, we are attempting to provide accomplishments of 2019 and goals that we have developed for 2020.

The Cresson Volunteer Fire Company wishes to express our gratitude to the elected officials of the municipalities that we serve and to the residents of our emergency service coverage area who have supported all of our past accomplishments, and with whom we anticipate being able to continue to move forward.

This Annual Report is a reflection of the 2019 Cresson Volunteer Fire Company while looking forward to 2020 as the Keystone Regional Fire Rescue Department. The 2020 Annual Report will include additional data related to the municipalities that were serviced by the Community of Lilly Volunteer Fire Company. This report also reflects some Lilly information, especially in the 2020 Goals and Objectives section.

The members of the Cresson Volunteer Fire Company, as the trustees of your Fire Company, wish to extend an invitation for you to visit, become an active member, or at any time to query us on any matters that pertain to your Fire Company.

The progress made by the Company has always been the result of your continued support and assistance, and is done with the total benefit of the residents of the coverage district as our main objective.