We welcome you to the Keystone Regional Fire and Rescue Department (KRFRD) Homepage.  This page is managed for the former Cresson Volunteer Fire Company and the Community Volunteer Fire Company of Lilly who joined together to become this new department in 2020.  The Department is an all-hazards emergency response unit that is proud to serve the citizens of and visitors to; Cresson, Lilly, and Sankertown Boroughs, and; Cresson, Munster, Washington, Allegheny and Gallitzin Townships, in Cambria County Pennsylvania.  Services are also provided into Blair County and other areas upon request.  The combined Department operates from two stations with an active membership of 60.  The department is known as Cambria County Department #77, with Station 70, or the North station, located in Cresson and Station 72, the South station, located in Lilly. In 2019 the combined statistics accounted for over 500 requests for assistance. If you are interested in joining our Department, assisting us in anyway, have ideas for us to improve, or any general comments you can contact us through various pages on this web site, send any of us an e-mail, or call us by phone.  We thank you for your continual support.


COVID-19 Statement

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, and to set an example as an emergency service provider, all events being hosted at our social hall in Cresson or pavilion in

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Cresson & Lilly Fire Departments Merge

We wish to thank all of our supporters and communities for their support through the years. The Cresson Volunteer Fire Company and the Community Volunteer Fire Company of Lilly completed

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Fire Prevention Education

Keystone Regional Fire & Rescue Department offers fire prevention education to prevent the misuse of fire and to educate on actions to take if a fire occurs. Our program is available to businesses and organizations within our community.

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